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  • Adoption Parenting: Creating a Toolbox, Building Connections
    Adoption Parenting: Creating a Toolbox, Building Connections
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The Trouble With Consequences

Behavior Management: The Basics

Calm in the Face of the Storm

The joys of older child adoption

Older child adoptive parenting is filled with joys and challenges. Get support regarding attachment, behavior, nurturing, consequences, grief and loss, social and emotional issues, and more. Use Susan Ward as an older child adoptive parent coach or consultant, read articles, or sign up for the monthly newsletter. Whether your adopted or foster child is about to move into your family, is newly-home, or has been with your for years, you can improve your family dynamics. 

Older child adoption refers to any child adopted over the age of one. Issues facing children adopted as toddlers, school age, and adolescents, are often different, more complex, from issues facing children adopted as babies. With that in mind, Susan Ward works mostly with children adopted at age one and older.

Susan Ward has worked with older child adoptive families who have adopted children from both domestic and international adoptions. She provides families with insights, techniques, guidance, and support, as they work to be the most successful families they can be.

Older child adoptive parenting requires insight into what early life trauma does to a child's development, the importance of a calm and nurturing attitude, and specific strategies to implement therapeutic parenting. The support and resources for both adoptive and foster families are here to help you do that.

The challenges of older child adoptionBegin by buying The Essential Link: Attachment Information for Adoptive Families and start improving your bond and connection to your child. A solid attachment between parent and child is the foundation upon which all other interactions rest. Read this as you begin your older child adoption journey, or as you work to make changes and improvements in your older child adoptive parenting journey.